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Our mission is to educate and train Firearms Safety to Breach & Clear Tactical Training. Our target audience is anyone who wants to learn and put rounds down range. With over 20 years of experience, we provide Proficient, Professional, and Progressive training. Don't be a victim! Get out here and learn self-reliance and become the person you need to be for yourself, your family, or whatever your reason. The time to act is now, don't be the one that has to rely on others, be the one that others rely on!


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Whether you're new to Handguns, or ready for Tactical Transitions while on the move. We have a course for you!

From Hunter Safety to making the long shots, we've got you covered.

Mechanical & Explosive Breaching for Law Enforcement, Gov't & Military ONLY


"I've known Steve for a long time and decided to take the (Concealed Carry) course from a fellow Veteran...Range time was relaxed and felt comfortable...Steve makes sure you are aware of the laws, procedures, and responsibilities that go with having a CCW Permit."

Ian R.-Johnstown, Ohio

"I loved my training with Steve yesterday! Great! Well worth the time and money...Nice results today! Thank's Steve!"


Ann M.-Pickerington, Ohio

"I just recently had the opportunity to go thru Steves basic NRA firearms course. He is by far one of the most knowledgeable instructors I have had the pleasure of being trained by. I highly recommend anyone looking to gain some more knowledge of firearms and safety to take his class. Well worth the money. Thanks again Steve for all your help.


Mike-Deputy Sheriff, Ohio

Rifle Bullets

12Bravo Firearms Training

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